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Welcome Sea Breeze, to Sun RV Resorts!

August 9, 2015


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Sea Breeze is new to Sun so we want to give this beautiful RV Resort a great, big welcome to the family!

Visit the Underwater Museum of the Sea!

This amazing San Pedro “Museum of the Sea” is an archeological preserve that features a submerged shipwreck, which is available for diving and snorkeling adventures. The San Pedro was a Dutch-built ship that sank in a hurricane near Islamorada in the summer of 1733. You can expect to see some beautiful marine life swimming around the site, as well as replica cannons and other artifacts. You can find directions to this enchanting location here.

Now, this moment in history captured underwater for us to enjoy rests in a white sand pocket surrounded by turtle grass, and the site is one of Florida’s oldest artificial reefs. If you are interested in the history of this ship, you can read more about the voyage of San Pedro and it’s fleet.

Enjoy the Cool, Sea Breeze on Our Beach

Sea Breeze Sun RV Resort is located right in the middle of Miami and Key West, the perfect location for your Florida beach getaway! We are conveniently priced so you can spend your vacation money on all the adventures you want to take. We are right on the ocean, so you won’t need your sound machine to help you fall asleep while you’re here. You’ll have the luxury of viewing the beautiful ocean sunrises and sunsets from your very own window or front porch.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at (305) 852-3358, or by email at seabreeze@carefreervresorts.com. Relax into your fantastic summer vacation at Sea Breeze.

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Welcome Sea Breeze to the Sun Family!