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The 2017 World Rowing Championships

Photo courtesy of wrch2017.com

Fans from around the world have been anxiously counting down the days until one of the biggest sporting events occurs in the U.S. in none other than Sarasota, Florida! Known as the Super Bowl equivalent in the rowing community, the 2017 World Rowing Championships (WRCH) will kick off on September 23 – October 1, and will bring over 1,700 Olympic-caliber athletes from 60 different countries to compete oar-to-oar for their chance to bring home a gold medal – making it the most exciting event in the area for spectators of all ages.

Baseball Season in Clearwater

Those lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer at Rainbow Village Largo RV Resort can be filled with the fun of attending baseball games. What could be better on a balmy evening than to scarf down a hot dog while watching this great American sport.

March Merriment at Largo

The winds of March will blow in happy times at Rainbow Village Largo RV Resort. Fun events for the month include a Strawberry Social, Casino Night, Pie Day and a St. Patrick’s Day Dance.

Fun Galore in Largo

In addition to the plethora of ongoing weekly activities, residents of Rainbow Village Largo RV Resort can attend several special events during January and February. Our active social calendar makes wintering here very full and rich.

Live the Good Life in Largo

Life is good at Rainbow Village Largo RV Resort, as our close-knit community of residents is like a family. On most evenings of the week, they get together to play games such as bingo, euchre or dummy rummy. In addition, they have opportunities to attend special events throughout the season.

Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we go?!

Maybe that’s not exactly how the song goes. Largo, Florida is an amazing spot. Covered in beautiful landscape and greenery, it’ll take your breath away.

City of Largo Throws a Birthday Bash

Largo Central Park celebrates its birthday in May and after 20 years it’s time for a party. Bring a lawn chair or a cozy blanket and join the city’s residents as they wine and dine in this beautiful park. The Largo Recreation, Parks, and Arts Department has teamed up to create an event worthy of the setting. The park is a beautiful 70 tree shaded acres, located in the heart of Largo. Set in gently rolling grounds it features 8 picnic pavilions, fountains, and a kid pleasing playground that is shaded by majestic oaks. It is considered one of the finest parks in the county.

Picasso Artwork Featured at the Dali Museum

Have you ever viewed Picasso paintings up close? I’m talking about the originals, not photographs of his work.What about art created by Dali? Maybe you’re not familiar with Dali and his bizarre, surrealist paintings and sculptures. Well, if you live in Central or Western Florida you have an opportunity to view creations by these two famous artists up close and personal. The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg currently has an exhibit of over 80 works by these two legendary giants of modern art. The museum has collected paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures from international museums and private collections from around the world.

Rainbow Village Largo Keeps and Active Calendar for Health Happy Campers

There are plenty of events on the Activities Calendar to keep you active and busy. For example, some kind of card game is scheduled every day of the week: dummy rummy, pinochle, hand and foot, poker, and bid euchre. Now is the time to learn poker, or work on your betting skills to get ready for Casino Night in February. In March there will be a Pool Tournament so join the group in the Pool Hall on Tuesday and Thursdays at 7pm to brush up on your bank shots. Stay active, socialize, meet new friends, and learn something new, all at the same time. Join the painting class (1-4pm Thursday), or create something with the Friendly Crafters (10-noon Wednesday).