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The Season of the Underwater Easter Egg Hunt

It’s that time of year again, where Florida locals and state visitors alike gather on the Gulf Coast to partake in the seasonal ‘underwater Easter Egg Hunt’ – otherwise known as scallop season.

Small Town Pleasures Around Homosassa River

You may never want to leave the gorgeous setting of Homosassa River RV Resort, which is a paradise for recreating in the outdoors and observing wildlife. Yet when you take a notion to get out and about, the small towns nearby have pleasant entertainment year-round.

Linin' Is Easy at Homosassa River

The lush vegetation and sparkling blue waters of Homosassa River RV Resort showcase the natural beauty of Florida. Come savor the peace of fishing from the riverbank or hiking the forested trails nearby. When you’d like to make an outing, the community outside the park offers various enjoyable events.

Floral City Heritage Days

Homosassa River RV Resort is 30 miles from Floral City, a town that will host Heritage Days on December 2 and 3. The celebration promises to be a fun time of Christmas activities, food and music, as well as an opportunity to see how people lived in bygone years.

Farmers’ Markets Near Homosassa

While residents of Homosassa River RV Resort have access to farmers’ markets year-round, the selection is always best during the summertime. Here are our picks of the best markets in the area.

Unusual Shopping in Homosassa

Campers at Homosassa River RV Resort who revel in the sport of shopping will enjoy visiting two local gift shops that have unusual wares – The Glass Garage and Pepper Creek Pottery.

It’s Beer-Thirty

One of the best things to do when traveling, or when you’re new to an area, is to try the local beers and wines. The weather is perfect for it, and beer and wine both are full of antioxidants, which are good for you.

See the Wildside of Florida

The Everglades give way to an amazing wildlife habitat in Florida, not just in the actual area but all over the state. Sure, locals are use to seeing the diverse animals that they share their world with, but for travelers, it’s a wonderful experience to see a more wild side of Florida.