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A look at Sherkston's new lifestyle programs

September 8, 2016

By David Chesnick

We're Gonna Pump You Up!

Every Saturday and Sunday at 9 am, 25 to 40 Sherkston homeowners and guests gather at the soccer field to take part in Charlie Jaskowiak's Boot Camp. It's a workout that's guaranteed to "pump you up."

It begins with a run and stretching, then moves into a series warm up exercises Charlie's designed to work every virtually every muscle in your body. And that's just the start of things.

Participants then do tire flips from a squatting position, do overhead presses with 30 to 80-pound logs, use slam balls, and battle rope.

How tough a workout is it? The University of Toronto Hockey team came here last year, and Charlie put them through their paces to help get them ready for their season. Trust us – they had a hard time keeping up our 73-years young resident.

"It's a workout you can't do in a typical gym," our fitness guru says. "It's unique and it's tough. But by the end of the summer, you'll be in shape."

This year, the 19 teams of owners that took part in our popular Amazing Race contest made a stop at a Charlie designed course where they had to jump hurdles, navigate an agility ladder, make their way through a series of cones, and jump in and out of tires. Sound tough? They had to do ten reps of each before getting their next clue and moving on to their next station in the Resort-wide contest.

But it's not all blood, sweat, and tears. Bootcamp participants can console themselves after one of Charlie's extreme workouts by soaking sore muscles in the hot tubs by the pool.

A Full Roster of Workouts. And Fun!

Even without the rigors of Charlie's Bootcamp, our ever-expanding roster of lifestyle fitness programs makes it easy to stay in shape. And have a great time doing it.

Mornings from nine to ten you'll find folks at the pool doing Aqua Fit or Aqua Zumba on alternate days. According to Tammy Harrison, who along with Carla Gatt, and Lindsay Kelley conducting classes geared to all levels of fitness that are an ideal way for participants to get a great cardio workout, tone their muscles, and gain flexibility.

"Everyone has a great time," according to Tammy, who's a Certified Fitness Instructor for both land and water. "All the exercises are in the pool so while they're a great workout, they're easy on the joints.

"But I think the reason we keep getting more and more folks attending all the time is the fun factor. Along with burning calories, people are working out to music, having lots of laughs and making new friends."

Aqua Fit and Aqua Zumba are only two of some of our popular exercise programs that include Sunset Tai Chi and Beach Yoga, as well as adult dance classes at the Rafters and circuit training and abs/steps in our new gym.

Super Soaked!

One of the great pleasures – and there are many – of having a home at Sherkston is the opportunity to play in the water. There are two and a half miles of pristine Lake Erie beachfront, the Quarry where you can swim or go out in a paddle boat, canoe, kayak, or use a water trike, a kind of tricycle for the water. And, of course, there's the Water Park, the heart of Sherkston, with its two pools, wading pool, splash pad, and three mega slides.

It's all such great family fun that we've started a swimming program for the youngsters of homeowners to make sure everyone, even the little ones, get the chance to enjoy it all. After all, there are few things kids like more than playing in the water. So we're offering swimming lessons for children.

Trish Henry heads up the 38-member team of Certified life-saving instructors who take care of two groupings of youngsters: those up to six, and those seven-year-old and up. There are always two instructors for each group of ten, so everyone gets the individual attention they need.

"We want to get our homeowners' children involved not just because we know kids love playing in the water but because we want to grow our future instructors and team members," Trish explains.

Without question, what the kids love best at the Water Park are our three world-class water slides. You've only got to watch the kids come down them, then run around to get back in line for another turn. Each slide may offer a different experience but what they all provide are irresistible thrills.

And while we're on the subject of fun, there are a Wacky Water Rides every Saturday afternoon. We put the kids on a wagon we take around the resort and any adult who wants can turn on their hose and shower the kids. Of course, the kids can answer with their super soakers. The wagon also makes two stops where our entertainment team is waiting to soak everyone on board. And because turnabout is fair play, everyone on the wagon also gets to soak our entertainment team. Proofing that super soakers are super fun.

When the ride is over, and everyone is properly soaked through, they head to the Water Park to play, swim, and ride the slides. Just another day, pumped up with fun, at Sherkston Shores.

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