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Tiny House. Big Lifestyle.

RV & Camping Checklists

Tire Health & What To Look For


Spring into 2016

Wine Down this Valentine's Day

Will you be our Valentine?

Fall in Love with Treetops


Fall in Love with Treetops

The Sweetest Holiday of the year is almost here! With 169 spacious sites, we’re the perfect stop for you on your&32;Valentine's vacation.&32;

Feel the Love

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it’s likely that several of you are scrambling around trying to find something fun or sweet to do with your significant other.

The Sweetest Month of the Year

The good news is that we’re entering the sweetest month of the year. Not only is February full of love, but it’s also one of two months out of the year full of chocolate!

Tiny House. Big Lifestyle.

Over the past forty years, the size of the average new home in the United States has grown from about 1775 to almost 2700 square feet. All this while the size of the average family has decreased.

RV & Camping Checklists

With always being on the go (as most campers and RVers are), it’s often bound to happen that something crucial gets left behind. Whether it be something universally handy like a roll of duct tape, or something of the utmost importance like battery jumper cables and bungee cords, the trip just won’t be as successful without it. So to save you some trouble, we’ve compiled the below RV checklists to help ensure you’ve got everything you need before you head off to your next destination.

Tire Health & What To Look For

Now remember we are very new to camping with a travel trailer so all the new experiences we encounter, we are sharing with you. On a recent trip when we were supposed to meet up with some other family members who also have a camper, they had a blow out on their 5th wheel camper and were stranded on the side of the road. After several phone calls and a couple of hours lost they were back on the road with a new tire and a lesson they were about to share with us. Trailer tires may look great, but the damage happens from the inside out many times.

From the Carefree Family to Yours

The holidays are a time for family and friends, embraced by the warmth of home and hearth, to gather round and share memories of times past and our hopes for Carefree times to come. This season we’re celebrating by sharing memories of Sherkston’s past and some of our hopes for its future.

Welcome to Red Oaks

“If you’re bored here, it’s because you haven’t stepped outside,” is how Red Oaks General Manager Mike Tremblay describes the Carefree life at this very active, age-qualified resort.